Over 10-Minute Supercut Of Sad Scenes From Movies

The good sadists over at Burger Fiction have put together a supercut composed of over ten minutes of just god-awful things happening to characters you love.

The montage of misery, which contains enough kids' movies to make you really wonder what we're doing to our children, is filled with the saddest scenes they could think of, titled "This Supercut Will Make You Cry."

The comments on the YouTube video are full of proof that it worked, from people outright talking about their tears to a surprising level of "f--k you, Burger Fiction" hostility by people presumably appalled by the very notion of creating this video and wondering what kind of mind would think it was a good idea to start with.

What's probably the most impressive is that they manage to get dozens of movies represented in a relatively compressed timeline, while maintaining what makes most of the scenes soul-crushing and misery-inducing nevertheless.

You should probably watch it before it's taken down; with so many clips, it really feels like only a matter of time before somebody at YouTube gets the idea that somebody might be upset...well, y'know. Upset in a totally different way than the already-upset people who are upset for the reasons the video set out to accomplish.


Anyhoo. Watch it -- with some hankies nearby, unless you're a soulless monster -- and enjoy. And let us know if you think they forgot any. What's the biggest tear-jerker in cinematic history for you? Old Yeller? Titanic? Catwoman? The next video needs your input!