Pokemon GO Leads To Discovery Of Second Dead Body

At this point, every detective should just carry a Pokemon GO-enabled phone with them at all times.

Just last week about the discovery of a dead body found in Riverton, Wyoming by a 19-year-old Pokemon gamer. Now a second body has been added to the list, this one being found in Nashua, New Hampshire. A Pokemon GO player was playing the game in a local park when he spotted the body floating in the water of Salmon Brook. This occurred around 2:00 pm (via WHDH)

After the discovery, rescue crews pulled the body out of the water, but at this time there is no cause of death.

This mirrors the first case as well, as that victim was also spotted floating in a body of water. Shayla Wiggins, who discovered the body, was merely trying to find some water type Pokemon when she happened upon it.


Pokemon GO is motivating people to travel to areas that they don't ordinarily frequent, so for people to happen upon new discoveries isn't unexpected. For those discovered to be dead bodies, well, that is certainly unexpected.