Sons Of Anarchy Finale: Theo Rossi & Kim Coates Talk About The Final Script On Larry King Now

Sons Of Anarchy Finale

In an interview on Larry King Now, Sons of Anarchy co-stars Theo Rossi and Kim Coates opened up about their feelings in regards to the Sons of Anarchy finale. Ora TV sent over the clip below, which is debuting first here on

When asked what his initial reaction was to the final script, Rossi said, "I couldn't believe it." Coates agreed, "Yeah, Kurt Sutter, as Theo mentioned, our valiant leader of this whole thing…eleven, twelve, and thirteen are like no other. It just gets I think worse and better and the whole last three shows are epic, epic drama. And I think thirteen's not gonna have a dry eye in the house."

When King asked if the die-hard fans will like the ending, Rossi said, "I think that they're going to be extremely satisfied."

In a second clip, also debuting first on Rossi and Coates react to hearing Sutter talk about wanting to do a Sons of Anarchy prequel. At first, Coates thinks that he won't be in it since it's set in the past, but Rossi points out that he could come back as someone else.


The full interview with Rossi and Coates will be posted on Ora TV on Monday, November 17th at 5 PM EST/2 PM PST.