Sons Of Anarchy Spin-Off: Mayans MC - Everything We Know So Far

Ever since Sons Of Anarchy aired its finale in 2014, fans of the show have been dying for more. [...]

Ever since Sons Of Anarchy aired its finale in 2014, fans of the show have been dying for more. There have been rumors and grumblings of sequels, prequels, spin-offs, and everything in between.

Finally, it was announced that a spin-off series was going to happen. FX ordered a pilot for the new Kurt Sutter project, and they're moving forward into pre-production.

The new series will be titled Mayans MC, and will focus on the rival motorcycle club from the original series. Here's what we know about the series so far.

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Confirmation, Release Date, and Plot.

Mayans MC is officially happening, according to FX. This is no longer a rumor, it's an official series on the network's schedule. While an official premiere date hasn't been released by the network, or Kurt Sutter, the show is expected to debut in Fall 2017. Mayans MC will most likely take the Tuesday night slot that was previously held by Sons Of Anarchy.

According to creator Kurt Sutter, the show will be "Darker, a deep-rooted family drama that will showcase the Latino voice." In the original series, the Mayans were the Latino MC that dealt heavily with the Sons. The clubs began as rivals, but ended up becoming allies by the end of the series.

While racism was a running theme throughout Sons Of Anarchy, the final season went a long way to prove positive race relations were the only way to win in this life. Moving forward with Mayans MC is certainly a way of doubling down on that ideal.

The biggest mystery regarding the plot is when the show will take place. Some rumors state that it will run during the events of SOA, while others believe it will be more of a sequel. The strongest, and most popular, theory states that Mayans MC will take place before Sons Of Anarchy, around the time of Jax Teller's birth and childhood.

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Who is, and isn't Involved.

Since the series is focused on a group of Latino men, and not a bunch of white guys, Kurt Sutter felt he needed a strong Latino voice to run the show. He will still serve as a producer, but Elgin James has been added as a co-creator, and is also writing the pilot.

James, director of Little Birds, was an outlaw himself growing up. When living in Boston, the now-director started a gang of mutli-national men who targeted white-supremecists and drug dealers. After spending time in the streets, and in prison, James has made a name for himself as a filmmaker.

Former Sons star Emilio Rivera is also set to be involved in the project. It hasn't been confirmed that he's reprising his role as Marcus Alvarez, the president of Mayans MC, but his social networks have let fans know that he is involved with the show in some fashion. Both he and Sutter have posted numerous photos of themselves, the Mayans, and teases about the show.

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One of the biggest question marks surrounding Mayans MC is whether or not Sons Of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam will appear in the series. Hunnam portrayed Sons president Jax Teller, and was the focal point of the original series. Fans have wanted Hunnam to reprise his role in any spin-off that would occur, but everything depends on when the show takes place.

If Mayans MC takes place after Sons Of Anarchy, then it's unlikely Jax could appear -- the character was killed in the series finale. If Mayans takes place too long before Sons Of Anarchy, Jax wouldn't be the age necessary for Hunnam to play the character.

Charlie Hunnam has stated that he would be willing to appear in the Sons universe again, but hadn't heard anything from Kurt Sutter, or the people at FX. Sutter, however, did post a cryptic image on Instagram of Jax Teller with Marcus Alvarez, leading fans to believe he would appear in the series.

Mayans MC is currently in pre-production, according to IMDb. This likely means the script is being written, and a cast and crew is being put together. Provided James writes a great pilot, which he can definitely do, the series looks well on its way to a premiere sometime next year.

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