Stardust Destroys Green Arrow Comic In Feud With Stephen Amell

Adding fuel to their already old-school type feud, WWE's Stardust continued to taunt Arrow's Stephen Amell by ripping up a Green Arrow comic.

The promo hit on Monday Night Raw after Neville had won a match and Stardust began talking about the problem with heroes. You can check out the video here, on WWE's Facebook page.

Stardust also took to poke at Amell even more by doing an archer pose during a match.

Stardust - WWE Universe sent a cryptic message in Amarillo, Texas...

Posted by WWE on Tuesday, July 28, 2015

This was followed by Amell tweeting at the superstar and warning him that if he doesn't cut it out, he'll show up at WWE Raw. Stardust promptly responded in a humorous and bizarre way.

The battle between Stardust and Amell started back in May where Amell attended a RAW and was called out by Stardust afterwards. The two exchanged words on Twitter where it was first thought that Amell wouldn't wrestle the second-generation star, but things might have changed since then. Or maybe Amell might be donning some sort of costume for the match. Could this where we see the first of the Green Arrow in action?


Readers, do you think this rivalry works? Stardust clearly takes some cues from comics anyways and Amell has been making the Green Arrow/Oliver Queen role his for years now, so could these stars collide in a few weeks at SummerSlam? We'll find out soon enough.