Stephen King's It Remake Has Started Filming

It looks like the film industry’s worst nightmare is about to come true, and no, it has nothing [...]

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(Photo: Warner Bros. )

It looks like the film industry's worst nightmare is about to come true, and no, it has nothing to do with the box office bombing. Rather, their nightmare centers on the fact that Warner Bros. has just started filming its remake of Stephen King's It. Yikes!

Day one

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Taking to Instagram, the film's director Andrés 'Andy' Muschietti posted a simple on-set photo which shows a cast member's chair. The image looks innocent enough until fans see the ominous, red It logo plastered across the seat's backside. Muschietti uploaded the photo with a short note which reads, "Day one."

Just last summer, Muschietti was rumored to be in negotiations to direct the horror remake as the project's initial director Cary Fukunaga left. However, as It has become a priority film for New Line Cinema to release, the studio was quick to scout a replacement before they landed their sights on Muschietti.

Muschietti, an Argentine native, scared fans with his directorial debut back in 2013 with the film, Mama. He co-wrote the film with Neil Cross and his sister Barbara after his short-film entitled Mamá had fans such as Guillermo del Toro wanting more. In fact, del Toro acted as Mama's executive producer and assisted Muschietti in recruiting talented actors like Jessica Chastain, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, and others to star in his feature-length film. The film, which only had a budget of $15 million, exploded at the box office as Mama raked in about $146 million.

It's remake has been in development for a long time as the project was announced by Warner Bros. back in March 2009. A few years later, the studio confirmed the remake would adapt the original 1990 film into two-parts and likely be set in modern day rather than the early 1990s. However, conflicts ensued behind-the-scenes which led the film to be delayed several times. However, It seems to be filming full-steam ahead as Muschietti has confirmed the project is shooting.

It, which was first a novel penned by author Stephen King, was a supernatural horror miniseries created almost twenty years ago. The story centered around a mysterious predator which had the ability to shapeshift itself into its prey's worst fears to terrifying its victims. And, most famously, the creature would take on the visage of a terrifying clown named Pennywise which still haunts many fans' dreams to this day. As for the miniseries' protagonists, a group of kids coined the Losers take on the creature before they're forced to defeat Pennywise again as adults when the murderous clown returns to their hometown.