The Rock Shares First Look At Dr. Bravestone From Jumanji

Jumanji The Rock
(Photo: Instagram)

Now that casting has officially concluded, the Jumanji sequel can finally start gearing up for production, and Dwayne The Rock Johnson has shared a first look at his character from the film on his Instagram account.

The concept art features his character, The smoldering Dr. Bravestone, as created by Jumanji costume designer Laura Jean Shannon. He posted it with the attached caption.

"EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: Concept art of my #JUMANJI character. "The Smoldering" Dr. Bravestone. (not sure where my pecs went;). This is gonna be fun.. Me, @kevinhart4real, Jack Black, @NickJonas and the Ginger Assassin @karengillanofficial can't wait to "play the game that plays you". #JUMANJI #DrBravestone #KingOfTheSmolder #TheAdventureContinues 💀
* JUMANJI Costume Designer Laura Jean Shannon"

The actor is sharing the screen with Kevin Hart (Central Intelligence), Jack Black (Goosebumps), and Karen Gillan (Guardians of the Galaxy), and as the Rock has said in previous interviews, the film will be a sequel to the beloved original, and they are doing their best to make it worthy of fans time.

"An important thing that I want to be honest and bring up is Robin Williams," Johnson wrote. "The love and respect I have for this man is boundless. You have my word, we will honor his name and the character of "Alan Parrish" will stand alone and be forever immortalized in the world of JUMANJI in an earnest and cool way. I have an idea of what to do and I think his family will be proud. I also think Robin is somewhere lookin' down and laughing, remembering the first time we met backstage and I (for the first time ever) was a star struck bumbling idiot that couldn't even get my words out. Idiot. He literally calmed me down w/ that smile and laugh. But that's for another fun story down the road."

Jumanji is slated to hit theaters on July 28th, 2017.