The Walking Dead Actors Don't Know Who Negan Killed

Not only has The Walking Dead not yet filmed the second half of last night's season-ending [...]

TWD Negan 616

Not only has The Walking Dead not yet filmed the second half of last night's season-ending cliffhanger, apparently the actors haven't officially learned who it was that met their end at the hands of Negan and Lucille.

You can check out's Q&A with Ross Marquand, in which the actor who plays Aaron told our Brandon Davis that he doesn't know -- and apparently neither does Chandler Riggs, who is one of only a few characters guaranteed to be safe at this point since they've already said they plan to explore the unique relationship Carl has with Negan in the comics.

Riggs had this to say:

In the comics, of course, it was Glenn Rhee who died at Negan's hands during the character's first full appearance in The Walking Dead #100. For years now, fans have speculated about whether Rhee -- played by Steven Yeun, who wrote a nasty letter to the comic book series after his character's death on the page -- would exit the series when Negan came or whether another fan-favorite character might take his place.

"I think that, but then I also think, how great and iconic is that moment?" said Yeun when we posed that possibility to him back in 2014. "Sometimes you just have to deliver it the way it was intended. We'll see what happens but I feel like the way that Kirkman wrote that end for him was magical in a way. You don't get to have a long speech or you don't get to have a whole diatribe about where you're at as a character at that point in time and then be killed, it's just you're done. And I think that's so ruthless and brutal and so apropos for the show."

The Walking Dead will return for its seventh season in October. Expect a trailer to generate a lot of speculation out of Comic Con International: San Diego in July.