The Walking Dead Consumed: Five Things You Might Have Missed

Last night's episode of AMC's The Walking Dead really rewarded close attention. Besides the [...]

Last night's episode of AMC's The Walking Dead really rewarded close attention. Besides the Easter eggs shouting out to longtime fake brand Morley Cigarettes and to ABC's LOST, there were a number of scenes that gave nods to earlier points in The Walking Dead history.

Like what? We're glad you asked...!

The Road to Atlanta

This shot of the road to Atlanta (as well as most of the other photos in this piece) is courtesy an Imgur user.

Yes, as the car made its slow way into the bombed-out city of Atlanta, it was a continuity nod to the iconic shot of Rick riding his horse into town from the series premiere. This was particularly recognizable becuase it has remained one of the most iconic images of the series, frequently used in promotional materials.

And, no, there's no indication that traffic has moved. It's only different because they're not in the same spot on the road.

The path forward

Daryl Dixon talked a lot in the episode about the importance of moving on from the past and starting over. Well, he's apparently putting his money where his mouth is; he picked up a copy of a book on coping with childhood trauma and abuse.

That ties, of course, to Daryl's backstory; it's been established in past seasons that the Dixons' father used to beat on them, and then Merle left, abandoning Daryl to be the sole punching bag.

A tank!

The tank seen in the backgroud here is almost certainly the same one Rick found himself trapped in at the end of the pilot episode of the series. Around the same time they pass it, Daryl and Carol are walking on one of the streets Rick navigated shortly before ending up in the tank.

It's not so surprising that the tank has held up well, but those construction barrels still being in place? Well, THAT is impressive.

The dead walk

At the church, there have been a number of hymns and Bible verses referenced that all revolved around the concept of resurrection -- either of Christ's, or of other stories in the text. It seems a fairly simplistic Easter egg, but it has contributed to an overall ambiance that the universe is kind of conspiring against our heroes.

Another such story is The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, in which the title hero and his best friend attend their own funeral when the townsfolk believe them to be dead.

Of course, that might just be a coincidence. The book was given to Mika and Lizzie by Hershel, and it's probably being used to offset the way Daryl and Carol are using their books to deal with their pasts.

TV Shows

Yeah, we already covered these, but they're worth mentioning here since more people read a general "Easter egg" post than do the really specific ones. Daryl smoked Morley brand cigarettes last night, a decades-old prop brand used in TV and movies, most notably on The X-Files, where they were the cigarettes used by the Cigarette-Smoking Man.

There was also a Virgin Mary statue on the dashboard of the fan that tumbled off the overpass, which looked eerily similar to the Virgin Mary statues contained inside the plane that tumbled off a cliff on LOST.