The Walking Dead Season 6 Casts Xander Berkeley In A Mystery Role

The Walking Dead has officially cast Xander Berkeley as a potential new core character.

Berkeley, who's recent credits include Nikita, Being Human, and Zoo, is joining The Walking Dead's sixth season in its second half, however, first to reveal the news, TVLine, also confirmed that Berkeley will not be playing Negan.

"I hear his character — whose name is being kept under wraps — does share some of the same characteristics as Negan. Namely his narcissism, huge ego and self-preservation. He's also said to relish the superiority that comes with being in control, but he plays it off with a car salesman-type charm," Michael Ausiello of TVLine says of the new character.

Pairing this description with the possible appearance of Jesus on set, the most likely candidate for Berkeley's character would be Gregory. Gregory is the self-absorbed coward who claims leadership of the Hilltop Community from which Jesus hails. Though others believe him to be a coward, Gregory truly thinks himself a hero and brave man and his community sees him as the most fit leader.

Berkeley's deal with AMC has a series-regular option for season 7, leaving the possibility for him to become a major player on the show.


The Walking Dead returns on October 11 at 9 PM EST on AMC.