The Walking Dead Telltale Game Could Cross Over With the TV Show...But Not Soon

During today's Reddit AMA, The Walking Dead creator and Executive Producer Robert Kirkman told [...]

The Walking Dead Season 2 Telltale Games

During today's Reddit AMAThe Walking Dead creator and Executive Producer Robert Kirkman told fans that there's a chance Clementine and other characters from Telltale Games's The Walking Dead video game could show up in the TV series. That said, it isn't in the cards right away...and Kirkman himself is perfectly happy sitting back and letting Telltale do their thing, rather than getting too personally involved in their process. "It's not impossible," Kirkman said of bringing Telltale characters into the world of AMC's The Walking Dead. "But I wouldn't be looking for it any time soon."


Asked about whether he wanted to become more involved in the award-winning game franchise, currently in its second "season," Kirkman said no. "At this point, I feel like if I got too involved I'd just screw things up," he told a fan. "I was slightly more involved in season one, I think, but really it was just a matter of me approving their story when they ran it by me. The team there did an enormous amount of work to get the tone and feel in line with what I do in the comics before they ever came to me. "Before we started season 2, they asked me a lot about where I was going in the comic and some things they should avoid, and I gave them some notes, but for the most part, those guys have taken the ball and run with it... to what I think we can all agree is great success....It's no Survival Instinct."