This Cobra On A Golf Course Is Pure Nightmare Fuel

What will you do when you meet cobra on the course? #golf #golfcourse #cobra #snake #golfday [...]

The most dangerous thing that the vast majority of golfers have experienced at the course would probably be a stray ball accidentally hit in their direction. Or possibly even an alligator. However, one poor soul survived one of the most horrifying experiences that any golfer has ever encountered.

Instagram user Edward Chuang recently shared frightening footage of an enormous King Cobra snake that had slithered onto the course. The massive reptile was only steps away from the golfers and looks as if it was ready to attack at any moment.

Chuang posted the terrifying video with the caption: "What will you do when you meet cobra on the course? #golf #golfcourse #cobra #snake #golfday #golfchannel #golfdigest #golfaddict."

For some reason that we can't quite comprehend, one of the onlookers decided to toss a golf ball at the cold-blooded creature. As you might imagine, the massive snake made a haunting hissing sound that will send shivers down your spine.

Clearly these onlookers never saw Raiders of the Lost Ark as kids and developed an overwhelming fear of reptiles like most of us.

How would you react if you saw a King Cobra snake on the golf course?

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