Universal Developing Welcome to Hitchcock Anthology TV Series

Universal Cable Productions is developing a new anthology series titled Welcome to Hitchcock, [...]

Universal Cable Productions is developing a new anthology series titled Welcome to Hitchcock, which Coming soon reports will recruit "premiere" filmmakers to work on a single, season-long mystery done in the style of the late Alfred Hitchcock.

The studio will collaborate with the Hitchcock Estate "to design a series that will entertain Hitchcock enthusiasts and entice an entirely new generation of fans."

The format is contemporary, echoing the success of projects like American Horror Story. It sounds like while producers will aim to honor Hitchcock's memory by working with creators who have been inspired by him, they won't be expected to hew too closely to Hitchcock's visual style or storytelling tropes.


"Long after his death, Alfred Hitchcock continues to be one of the most celebrated directors and visionaries in the world, a master manipulator of the macabre," said Dawn Olmstead, Executive Vice President of Development, Universal Cable Productions. "We're honored that the Hitchcock Estate has put its trust in our studio to pay homage to his work."

Home Alone and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone director Chris Columbus' 1492 Pictures/Ocean Blue Entertainment will produce, along with UCP and Cross Creek Pictures. Columbus will direct the pilot.

"Our grandfather always collaborated with the best and the brightest to help shape his vision," said Katie O'Connell-Fiala on behalf of the Hitchcock Trust and MTK Corporation, which was founded by O'Connell-Fiala and her sisters, Mary O'Connell-Stone and Tere O'Connell-Carrubba. "We're confident that Universal Cable Productions will take great care in helping us to continue preserving his legacy."

During his lifetime, Alfred Hitchcock directed dozens of films, plus working on TV projects including Alfred Hitchcock Presents, an anthology series (which did not have a single ongoing narrative for the season). In the course of his legendary career, he was the recipient of at least five lifetime achievement awards, plus Golden Globes, BAFTAs, an Academy Award for Best Picture and a knighthood.

Hitchcock began his career in silent film in the 1920s and worked nearly right up until he passed away in 1980. From 1934 until 1964, he made at least fifteen movies considered indispensible by most critics, and ten considered to be among the best of all time. From 1962 until 1965, he executive produced and hosted over 300 episodes of Alfred Hitchcock Presents. In 2012, Academy Award winner Anthony Hopkins played Hitchcock in a movie based on his life.