Vin Diesel’s Touching Remembrance Of Paul Walker

It was one year ago today that Paul Walker died in an automobile accident. The world was shocked by the tragic and sudden loss of an actor who was beloved as one of the good guys in Hollywood. As much as of an impact that Walker's death had on his numerous fans, it was toughest on those closest to him, including his Fast & Furious co-stars.


Earlier today, Vin Diesel took to Facebook to share a touching remembrance of Paul Walker. Diesel's words remember the impact that Walker had on his own family.

He was a part of so much in my life... long personal talks with my mother or babysitting the Alpha Angel... he took a certain pride in being uncle Pablo... after all, we were filming a scene in FF4 the day she was born, and he being the only one I told, encouraged me to go in and cut the umbilicle cord.

He was an important part of my transition into fatherhood... that healthy family member, with the most positive outlook on life...

A year ago today... a year of mourning... and his absence still leaves me speechless. We miss you Pablo...