Watch This Woman Absolutely Lose it Over a Chewbacca Mask

Candace Payne is just a woman who went to make an exchange at a department store, like any other person has had to do. Then she discovered, as she titled her video, "The simple joys in life."

In the very definition of a viral video, Payne posted this to her personal facebook page 19 hours ago - and it now has almost 30 million views and almost a million shares. The video is of her trying out Hasbro's Chewbacca mask for the first time, putting it on, and opening the mouth, which causes his signature Wookiee roar to emit from the speaker.

(Photo: Candace Payne)

Payne's reaction, however, is the priceless moment, as she just laughs and laughs hysterically at the mask and the way it continues to roar. It becomes an incredible cycle of her laughing, more Wookiee roars, and her laughing some more.

"Oh, I'm such a happy Chewbacca!" she uttered between laughs. "This is worth every penny!"

Payne just kept laughing and laughing, saying she wanted to drive around like that. It's basically just the best.

Chewbacca has appeared in all three trilogies, plus Star Wars: The Clone Wars. When we last saw the Wookiee, co-pilot and partner of Han Solo, he was mourning the loss of his dear friend, and helping Rey get to the first Jedi Temple to find Luke Skywalker. He'll likely return in Star Wars: Episode VIII, but he probably won't laugh as much (or as awesomely) as Ms. Payne.



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