Watch This WWE Fan Get Destroyed After Trying To Get Onstage With Seth Rollins

Rollins played that fan interruption pretty well #RAW— Learn [...]

On Monday night, former WWE Champion Seth Rollins stepped in the ring to call out the "Demon King" Finn Balor. Before Balor was able to make his entrance, a crazy fan jumped the barricade to run into the ring while Rollins was talking trash.

The fan slid under the ropes, and got right up in Rollins' face. The wrestler then responded by shoving the fan backward. Security then came in from behind to put the smack down on the overly enthusiastic fan.

We're thinking there may be a career in professional wrestling for these security guards that dropped this fan like he was nothing!

As security apprehended the fan, Rollins continued talking as if nothing had happened. The "Demon King" Finn Balor was eventually able to make his entrance, which was his first on the main-roster. Balor donned his signature paint, and made an entrance worthy of a WWE superstar.

Check out the video of Balor's entrance below.

Do you wish the WWE would've let Seth Rollins take on this wild fan?

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