#WeWantWidow Flash Mob Rallies Black Widow Fans


Black Widow usually operates in the shadows, but a recent Widow-focused flash mob put a massive spotlight on the fan-favorite Avenger.

Launched by Black Widow fan Kristin Rielly, the #WeWantWidow campaign burst to the forefront of geek culture this weekend, demanding a stronger focus on Natasha Romanoff in Marvel Studios films, Marvel merchandising, and more. In a move worthy of the international spy herself, the movement assembled across the globe via Twitter, where other Black Widow fans posted pictures of themselves dressed as the red-headed character.

"Black Widow is an important female superheroine in the Marvel universe and she deserves to be more than just a love interest at this point. She is a trained assassin with an incredible background story, turning from Russian espionage to joining the Avengers and saving the world," Rielly wrote on her personal blog. "She should have her own movie and merchandise and Marvel should be proud at the opportunity to develop a character that girls can look up to. Unfortunately, even with all the Hulk-smashing internet outrage, it seems that Marvel and Disney are still not listening. So I've taken it upon myself to do something about it."

And as you can see below, the campaign assembled quite a following. In cities far and wide, fans heeded Rielly's rallying cry and posted several costumed photos.

What do you think of the #WeWantWidow campaign? Do you think it will convince Marvel and Disney to spread more Black Widow? Let us know in the comments.