EXCLUSIVE: WWE Superstar Stardust Calls Out Stephen Amell & Preps For WWE Summerslam

There is probably no character in the WWE right now more mysterious than the cosmic Stardust. If [...]

There is probably no character in the WWE right now more mysterious than the cosmic Stardust. If you've been following WWE for the past few months, you're aware that Stardust has taunted, insulted, and attacked Arrow's Stephen Amell. The two are scheduled to face off in a tag-team match at SummerSlam in a few weeks, but Stardust still has some harsh words for Amell.

ComicBook.com had the opportunity to sit down and talk with the WWE Superstar about the ongoing feud, his wardrobe inspired by some of Marvel's premiere villains, and what lies ahead at SummerSlam and beyond.

Stardust, after you broke away from your brother, Goldust, and you obtained the Cosmic Key, you went off and tried to capture the Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania. Your outfit for that match was obviously influenced by Marvel's Mr. Sinister. What is it about him that you see in yourself?

SD: Well...I think...you're looking at it from a two-dimensional perspective. Mr. Sinister of Marvel fame. Nathan Essex...and his trademark cape...flowing, flowing in the wind. When you look at it in a two-dimensional sense you think...Stardust. He appeared at WrestleMania to compete...to climb for the Ivory Enterprise [what Stardust calls the IC title] and looks like Mr. Sinister, but space is forever expanding. The space-time continuum had completely fluctuated up and down like a rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrroller coaster.

So who came first: Stardust...or Mr. Sinister?

Well, I'm pretty sure Mr. Sinister did.

SD: Well, if we're being honest. If you're asking the hard-hitting questions...if you are BAAAAHRBRA Walters, then I would absolutely have to be honest with you and agree. I was inspired by his choices...by his hard choices, the toooough choices he made and donned a Mr. Sinister-like wardrobe.

Think we'll see something new for Summerslam?

SD: [Cackles maniacally] Oh, very personal questions, huh? We're getting right down to it, right?

Right down to it, Stardust!

SD: Getting down to it! Well, not only does Stardust have one, but he has two outfits in mind for this epic, galactic obliterating, confrontation with Mr. Oliver Queen, the Green Arrow himself, featuring that the "Cosmic" King Barrett, and the toady Neville, I do! I have two outfits! I even went on my Twitter and asked folks which colors they like best.

I have two outfits. I have multiple capes! I am one for sense of occasion in WWE and the world of Sports-Entertainment, SummerSlam is one of the biggest events, if not the biggest event, of the year. So absolutely yes!

Now, I want to talk to you about your recent involvement with Arrow's Stephen Amell.

SD: Hmm mmmm….

You've concentrated so much of your energy lately on taunting him over the past few months...why him? What makes him so special?

SD: What makes him so special to all of us? Take a look at...what did you call him? What is his name?

It's Stephen Amell, he's an actor.

SD: Ah, "Stephen Amell"! That's what he'll have you believe. Take a look at "Mr. Amell's" Facebook. Look at the amounts of fandom, the Olicity madness, that goes on his Facebook...his Twitter just now hitting a million followers. This kid, this boy, is on the rise! People love him, and in the process of my WWE exclusive search for a hero, I thought...why, why not look outside? Because as you've heard, as I told Michael Cole recently in our hard-hitting sit-down WWE.com exclusive interview, this boy is not named Stephen Amell. That's a mask! That's a...a "front", as the kids are saying. His name is Oliver Queen. Son of Moira Queen, second-generation Queen man running Starling City, the Emerald Archer, the Green Arrow.

Do you really believe that?

SD: If I didn't believe it, we wouldn't be talking right now! I have seen him. Hell, I've felt him when he punched me right in the face this past Monday after he jumped me from behind in a very giggle-esque maneuver. I know who, as you like to call him, Canadian hunk actor, Stephen Amell really is, and at SummerSlam, that's who I want.

On Twitter, you mentioned you were going to "eat his heart" at Summerslam. What did you mean by that?

SD: Well, I don't know the demographic for the site is, so I will keep it PG, but when a man says "I'm going to eat your heart", it can either mean some metaphorical, whimsical comparative to some sort of beat down that will take place, or correlate something of that ilk.

Or, it can simply mean...I'm going to eat his damn heart!

What advantages do you think you have over Amell, I mean Oliver Queen, and Neville?

SD: Well, what is the name of your site? I know the name of it, but I want you to tell me.

It's ComicBook.com, Stardust.

SD: So you already know all the things that AH-LIV-AH can do. He can shoot arrows, he can do the salmon ladder, and as you saw this past Monday, he can jump. Whoopity-doo. I am the PRINCE of Dark Matter! Nobody even knows my age! I'm STAAAAAAAAAAAAAHRDUST! There's no comparison!

Let me put it in perspective of a young child, sitting on his couch, flipping through a comic book today. Hmmm..hmmmm...hmmm...what's a good comparitive? What's the name of that boy...the boy with the red hair and Superman's pal-o. What's his name again?

I think you're referring to Jimmy Olsen there.

SD: The Jimmy Olsen! So, imagine Oliver Queen is Jimmy Olsen and let's break the wall, let's tear it down between franchises! Imagine that Stardust is freakin' Apocalypse and there's Jimmy Olsen with his little watch! What the hell is he going to do?! It's the same thing at SummerSlam, but between Oliver Queen and Stardust!

If you were to beat them, what's next for Stardust?

SD: Ooooh! Oh my gosh! [laughs] Lan! I'm loving you! That's the real question! What's next? You know, they're in the middle of filming his little show. Filming is going to come to a halt the very first time his precious little body hits the mat! So what do you do? There's no Green Arrow now, so what do they do?

They should just make the show about me! They should make the show about King Barrett! Can you just imagine?

I'd definitely watch that!

SD: It's like Tommy Lee Jones and Jim Carrey as Two-Face and the Riddler, except this is real! This isn't fantasy, this is reality! I am the whole in all things, Lan. It might be hard, but someone of your education can understand that there's fantasy, there's reality, there's black, there's white, and there's gray. Stardust is swimming in graaaaaay!

Lastly, we know Stephen is a reader of our site, is there anything you'd like to say directly to him?

SD: Hm, well so much of this banter has taken place on social media and I think "Stephen" pays so much attention to himself and his Olicity fans that I don't think Mr. Queen realizes that there has never been, or never will be anything like Stardust. So you're entering SummerSlam as a, ugh, "celebrity guest". Think about how you'll have to explain to your cast mates, your friends, your family that you were the first celebrity to come to the WWE and, as the kids say, get your ass kicked!

[On departing the interview, Stardust made sure to pass along the knowledge that our sun isn't yellow, but in fact white. "Our atmosphere is what makes it yellow!"]

SummerSlam airs on the WWE Network in two weeks on August 23rd.