Power Rangers: Once & Always Reveals What Happens to Trini

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers has officially returned for a special 30th Anniversary reunion now streaming with Netflix, and paying tribute to Trini Kwan actress Thuy Trang, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always revealed what happens to Trini in the opening moments as it sets the new story in motion. Trang's tragic passing years ago was never fully addressed in the official Power Rangers TV canon as Trang's Trini was written off the series before her passing. But with key members of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers returning for this new adventure, the series finally got the chance to honor Trang's memory. 

But it happened in a much more shocking way than expected. Teased through the promotional materials leading up to the premiere of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always on Netflix, Trini Kwan is actually killed in the opening moments of the 30th Anniversary special. As Billy and the other Power Rangers fight against a newly revived, robotic version of Rita Repulsa, Trini tragically loses her life when she takes a powerful blast meant for Billy. 

(Photo: Hasbro / Netflix)

MMPR: What Happens to Trini? 

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always begins with Billy, alone, fighting against a robotic version of Rita. She explains that she's gotten a new body, and has since gotten even stronger thanks to this new robotic form amping up her magic powers. Soon enough the rest of the Power Rangers team comes to Billy's aide, and when the fight gets more intense, Robo Rita charges up a fatal spell blast and shoots it right at Billy. 

Before it connects, Trini jumps in the way to save Billy and loses her life in the process. From that point on, Once & Always takes place a year after that fight as Billy, Zack, and the surviving Rangers not only need to process their grief, but help to care for Trini's daughter Minh (played by Charlie Kersh) while keeping an eye out for Robo Rita's deadly return. Therefore, Trang's tragic passing is brought into the official canon as the other Power Rangers finally get to mourn the loss of their fellow hero in the frame of the series itself

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