Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Reveals New Starfleet Insignia

Star Trek: Discovery returns for its third season in October, and it will give Starfleet's iconic insignia a new look when it does. This Thursday kicks off 23 straight weeks of new Star Trek episodes, beginning with Star Trek: Lower Decks and continuing with Discovery. CBS All Access released a promotional image on social media that has Ensigns Boimler and Mariner from Lower Decks on one side and Cmdr. Michael Burnham of Discovery on the other. Burman, played by Soneuqa Martin-Green, has a new look from when we saw her last in Discovery Season Two. While the uniform is the same, her hair is longer and, if you look close enough, the Starfleet badge pinned to her chest is different from the one used in the first two seasons of the series.

Keep in mind that the third season of the series sees the Discovery crew cast more than 900 years into the future, landing in the 32nd century. The new symbol is most likely that of the Starfleet of that era.

Star Trek Discovery Season 3 Starfleet Insignia 32nd Century
(Photo: CBS All Access)

Instead of having the delta shape that the first Discovery insignia used, this new badge is oval. The delta symbol etched into the right-hand side. Keeping in tradition with the original Discovery badge, the emblem displays the officer's rank on the left-hand side. In this image, we can see three marks indicating Burnham's position as commander inscribed on her badge's edge. It looks like a blend of the original Discovery badges and the Bajoran combadges from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

While much about Discovery's 32nd-century setting remains a mystery, we know that the United Federation of Planets still exists in a state diminished from its height. Star Doug Jones said in the past that the new season is going to reveal the Federation's fate.

"We jumped to the future at the end of season two. This is a big deal. We've boldly gone where no Star Trek series has gone before," Jones says. "So we're going to see what happens in the future. What condition is the Federation in? We're going to find out when we land. What happens to me and my rank? I'm a Commander, but I'm also acting Captain of the ship because we lost all our captains now. I take the ship, and so, do I get to keep the Captain's chair? Do I have to give it away to another Federation/Starfleet captain in the future? We're going to find out all that when we get there."


Star Trek: Discovery Season Three premieres on October 15th on CBS All Access.