'Mission: Impossible - Fallout' Director Wants a Shot at Star Trek

Mission: Impossible movie director Christopher McQuarrie would like a shot at helming Star Trek.

McQuarrie sat for a Q&A session with fans after a screening of Mission: Impossible - Fallout at IMAX headquarters. Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld happened to be in that audience and tweeted about McQuarrie's response to a fan's question about directing Star Trek.

"Chris McQuarrie would love a shot at Star Trek!" Liefeld tweeted. "'Yeah, give it to me!' Would prefer a movie rather than television."

Speaking to ComicBook.com, Liefeld explained in more detail that McQuarrie said he loves Star Trek and wants Paramount Pictures to call him about directing.

McQuarrie is in demand after helming the latest two highly-successful Mission: Impossible films. Those films happen to also be made by Paramount Studios and produced by Star Trek film producer JJ Abrams, so McQuarrie certainly has the connections.

SJ Clarkson is set to direct Star Trek 4, but a fifth film is also in development based on a concept conceived by Quentin Tarantino. Paramount hopes to have Tarantino direct that film, but Tarantino's schedule may prevent that from happening. If that's the case, it leaves an opening that McQuarrie, theoretically, could fill.

Liefeld also shared a photo of himself with McQuarrie in an Instagram post praising the director.

"Pinch me! Such a highlight!" Liefeld wrote. "Mission Impossible: Fallout writer/director Christopher McQuarrie!! In my humble opinion, one of the very best, most accomplished and astonishing storytellers in any medium. I mean, how great have his chapters of Mission Impossible been, right? He provided an epic 90 minute Q&A following a screening of MI: Fallout at the IMAX headquarters. His candor and insight about filmmaking and the movie business was masterclass. I wore my very best flip flops for the occasion! An absolute gentleman!"

The future of the Star Trek films is currently unclear. Paramount was gearing up to begin filming on Star Trek 4 in early 2019 until negotiations with stars Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth stalled out. It is unclear how this will affect the film's planned production schedule.

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The first three Kelvin timeline Star Trek movies — Star Trek, Star Trek Into Darkness, and Star Trek Beyond — are all available now on home media. Star Trek 4 still does not have a release date, but was expected to begin filming in early 2019.