Star Trek: James McAvoy Still Pushing to Play Young Picard

James McAvoy still has plans to play young Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek. McAvoy has already played [...]

James McAvoy still has plans to play young Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek. McAvoy has already played the younger version of an iconic Patrick Stewart character, starring as Professor X in X-Men movies such as X-Men: Days of Future Past and X-Men: Apocalypse (both now available to stream on Disney+). McAvoy has been keeping busy in quarantine by creating a series of Star Trek parody videos. He's said before that he'd like to play a young Picard if the series Star Trek: Picard, or any other Star Trek show or film, calls for it. He renewed that call with a vigorous determination while speaking to Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show.

"Any other world is just an alternate reality in a bad episode of Star Trek," McAvoy says. "It's happening. If they don't hire me, I'm going to make it on my phone! I'm calling that right now. I'm doing the virtual lockdown equivalent of rubbing my scent all over Patrick's face and saying, 'This territory is mine.' All other bald actors can f*** off. It's me."

Speaking about playing young Picard, McAvoy has previously said, "I will take you where no Star Trek fan has gone before. I will reveal things about Jean-Luc Picard that nobody even wanted to see. I will rip this captain to shreds.

"No, I'm not expecting to get a call to play the young Jean-Luc, unfortunately. But I will be tuning in, and I can't wait to see what he does because he's a brilliant actor and he's amazing in that role, and it's just nice that Star Trek are looking forward than just spaceship and a crew, do you know what I mean? They're doing something different, and that's awesome."

McAvoy also previously shared a story about Star Trek: The Next Generation that Stewart told him while working together on X-Men: Days of Future Past. "He told me a really good story once about how he was also the captain of the actors on set (some of the other cast members of Next Gen will be like, 'What? I was the boss'), but when they had to do torpedo hits or photon torpedo hits on the Enterprise or whatever, they all had to, they'd have to, 'Whoa!' do the classic thing, and then he would be in charge of setting the tone so that everybody was on the same level," McAvoy said. "And they'd be like, 'What'd you think, Patrick?' and he'd be like 'Oh, that's a number three.' And the whole cast knew what a number one was."

Of his homemade Star Trek parody, Star Force: Sci-Fisolation, McAvoy tells Fallon, "It's a spoof, a homage…. It's a spomage. It's a spoof of Star Trek, but we try to keep it as sci-fi related as possible."

McAvoy also reveals how he built a sound studio in his spare room to record his role as Morpheus in Audible's The Sandman adaptation.