Star Trek: Picard Star Confirms SPOILER Left Starfleet

One member of Star Trek: The Next Generation's crew has left Starfleet behind by the time Star Trek: Picard Season 3 begins. Paramount+ released the final trailer for the last season of Picard, which sees the Next Generation crew reuniting with Patrick Stewart. That includes Gates McFadden returning as Dr. Beverly Crusher, formerly the chief medical officer of the USS Enterprise. However, McFadden says things have changed in the years between Next Generation and Picard. While Picard earned the admiral rank, and Riker went on to captain the USS Titan, McFadden confirmed to SFX Magazine that Crusher left Starfleet for some time as the new season begins.

"To me, what was really different in this iteration is that you saw that [the Next Generation characters] had aged, in particular," McFadden said. "Crusher had not been in Starfleet, like the others had stayed in Starfleet much longer. So that's interesting in and of itself. She's had to become a warrior in a different way. She was really exploring places that had not been explored and planets that didn't have medical help. So that was fascinating. And I like any kind of action, I've always loved that. And I love the fact that I start the whole third season. [Laughs] It's like out of the blue."

What's next for the Star Trek: The Next Generation cast?

While Crusher is out of Starfleet, that doesn't mean she's out of the picture. Like co-star Jonathan Frakes, McFadden believes more adventures with the Star Trek: The Next Generation crew are on the horizon.

"I actually would love to continue working with the actors on the series," McFadden says. "I think there still is a series there. Yes, of course, it would be great to do a film, as long as it doesn't become something where there's really only one lead character, because I wouldn't be interested in that. I really feel we are an ensemble. That's what makes us wonderful. Patrick has been our leader, and he will continue to be, but I feel that we really are a family and the family should shine. I think I'm not the only one probably on that. If the stories are good, I'm there. I don't think any of us have even a glimmer of feeling we're out to pasture. [Laughs]"

Star Trek: Picard's third and final season debuts on Paramount+ on Thursday, February 16th. New episodes of the 10-episode season will debut weekly on Thursdays on the streaming service.