Star Wars: New 'The Last Jedi' TV Spot Gives First Look at Luke in Millennium Falcon

With only a few more weeks to go until the release of The Last Jedi, fans were treated to a sight they've been hoping to see for over 30 years, as Luke Skywalker re-enters the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon. Check out the all-new TV spot above.

Heading into The Force Awakens, fans were expecting to see Luke Skywalker reunite with Han Solo and Leia Organa, with the story ultimately revealing that he had gone into isolation on Ahch-To. He only appeared in the film's final shots, forcing us to wait years for his character to be further explored.

The events of that film taught the audience to expect the unexpected, drastically altering our expectations heading into The Last Jedi. With this new TV spot, we were treated to a level of excitement we haven't felt since seeing Han and Chewie board the Falcon when they proclaimed, "We're home."

Other than these opening moments aboard the Falcon, the rest of the TV spot is mostly comprised of footage and sequences we've previously seen. We do get to see a few new angles and shots of Poe, Finn, Leia and Snoke from scenes which we've seen glimpses of in previous marketing materials.

Another notable sequence in the TV spot is the final moments in which Luke, seemingly laying on the ground in the rain, says, "This is not going to go the way you think," which then cuts to a shot of Rey igniting her lightsaber to take a combat stance.

Whether this is a clever piece of editing or if it's merely a tease of Rey potentially embracing the Dark Side is unknown, but it makes for a compelling sequence nonetheless.

Sadly, this new TV spots doesn't offer any exciting new glimpses at Snoke, but we do get the new bit of dialogue, "Darkness rises, and the Light to meet it." We don't yet know who he's addressing, but obviously is hinting at the balance between Kylo and Rey and the duality they possess in the saga.

Fans can see The Last Jedi when it hits theaters on December 15.

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