Star Wars: Ahsoka Star Rosario Dawson Says Watching First Episode Was A "Religious Experience" For Dave Filoni

Star Wars: Ahsoka is currently in production and according to star Rosario Dawson there's at least one episode of the show that's fully cut together and completed. And, according to Dawson, showrunner Dave Filoni's first viewing of that Ahsoka episode was nothing short of a "religious experience." While appearing on a panel for the C2E2 convention in Chicago, Dawson said the following about where things currently stand with Star Wars: Ahsoka

"So I will say this. I will probably get in trouble for saying this. But Dave saw one of the episodes already edited together. And he walked out – him and Carrie Beck – like both like glossy-eyed. And he said to me that it was a "religious experience." 

The "Carrie Beck" that Dawson refers to in the quote is of course the VP of animation and live-action development at Lucasfilm and its story group. Beck and Filoni co-created and produced the Star Wars Rebels animated series, which Ahsoka is very much serving as a sequel to. So for all the hardcore Rebels fans out there, Dawson giving this kind of endorsement is paramount to having a seal of approval from the Church of Star Wars storytelling and its popes. 

As stated, Star Wars: Ahsoka will be picking up key story threads that Star Wars Rebels left dangling – and which have already been pushed forward by the events of The Mandalorian Season 2. Rebels ended on a cliffhanger mystery during the Imperial era: one of the last Jedi-in-training, Ezra Bridger, used his considerable Force power to take a major figure of the Empire out of the fight: the maniacally brilliant Grand Admiral Thrawn. Ezra had Thrawn bound to the bridge of his Star Destroyer and then shot the ship (with both of them aboard) into the depths of hyperspace. 

Ezra Bridger and Thrawn were pivotal figures who were therefore missing from the actual era of the full Rebel Alliance's fight against the Empire (as far as we know) In The Mandalorian Season 2, we find Ahsoka Tano (one of Ezra's mentors and friend) still fighting the fight to track down Thrawn, who is apparently back and active by the time of The Mandalorian's story (in the immediate aftermath of the Empire's fall and New Republic's formation). The Ahsoka casting has revealed that Rebels star Sabine Wren will be coming to live-action (played by Natasha Liu Bordizzo) to help Ahsoka finish the mission to find Ezra, which they began in the finale episode of Rebels. Fans are now chomping at the bit to see what's become of both Thrawn and Ezra – and what it means for the future of the Star Wars franchise

So... a "religious experience" is about the level of satisfaction Star Wars fans are looking for, here. 

Star Wars: Ahsoka is in production for Disney+.