Star Wars: Ahsoka's Rosario Dawson Shares New Behind-the-Scenes Video

Rosario Dawson, the actor who plays Ahsoka Tano in live-action, shared a new video from behind the scenes of the character's upcoming series on Disney+, which is began filming in May and debuted its first footage at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim, confirming the return of characters from Star Wars Rebels, including Natasha Liu Bordizzo playing Sabine Wren, as well as lost Jedi Ezra Bridger and Rebel Alliance pilot Hera Syndulla. Dawson shared a new video from behind the scenes of the Star Wars series. The video shows Dawson's silhouette in full costume and makeup as Ahsoka Tano. You can take a look below.

Ahsoka Tano is an icon of Star Wars animation. Speaking at Star Wars Celebration, Dawson said that the series is trying to be as faithful to Ahsoka's roots as possible, looking toward specific frames of animation for inspiration in their fight choreography.

"Over and over and over again, yes, freeze-framing," Dawson says. "I think some of my favorite stuff is actually, so we work with this amazing stunt coordinator, Ming, who is a Jedi like literally. She was taken into a temple at nine years old and from nine to 19 only saw her family once a year, so she was basically a youngling, and then trained in martial arts for 10 full years, and that's who's training us in Wushu and all kinds of things. And I will take freeze frames and clips from the shows and show her and be like, 'Ahsoka can do this. Can we can you train me to do this? And she's like, 'That is not physically possible. that's an animation, but this we can do." And it's been really, really, really amazing. So thank goodness for all of that research and history that we get to play off of."

Ahsoka Tano is making a return to animation as a major character in Star Wars: Tales of the Jedithe recently-announced anthology series that also features stories about Qui-Gon Jinn (with Liam Neeson returning), Count Dooku, and Mace Windu. Speaking to in May, Ahsoka's voice actor, Ashley Eckstein said she hasn't met or talked to Dawson or otherwise contributed to the Ahsoka live-action show. She hopes that will change.

"It's something that I have not been a part of," Eckstein said. "I would love to be, but I'm purely a fan at this point. I'm not involved in the live-action series. I've not met Rosario Dawson yet. We've never had the pleasure of meeting. I talk about throwing your dreams out into the universe. And so, it's definitely a dream of mine to maybe one day get to be involved and maybe make a cameo or get to play a part, or meet Rosario at some point, one day. Got to throw your dreams out into the universe."

Ahsoka will debut on Disney+ in 2023. Tales of the Jedi premieres in Fall 2022.