New Star Wars Concept Series Funko Pops: Han Solo, Stormtrooper, and Snowtrooper


The Star Wars Concept Series of Funko Pops pays tribute to the original character designs of artist Ralph McQuarrie. If you've been following this line, you can now add the original Han Solo, Stormtrooper and Snowtrooper to your collection.

Pre-orders for all three of the new Star Wars Concept Series Funko Pops are live here at Entertainment Earth and here on Amazon now. The Han Solo figure is the most interesting design of the bunch, as McQuarrie's original vision for the character was very pulpy sci-fi before he evolved into the western-style gunslinger character that Harrison Ford made famous.

As far as exclusives in the wave are concerned, look for a Stormtrooper Pop figure variant with a shield to arrive at the Funko Shop in the near future. You can keep tabs on all of the new Funko Pop releases and where to find them right here.


On a related note, Hasbro launched a Star Wars The Vintage Collection 4-pack figure set yesterday that includes 3.75-inch figures of Clone Troopers Captain Rex, Captain Grey, Captain Ballast, and an Elite Squad Trooper.

A listing for the Star Wars The Vintage Collection The Bad Batch 4-Pack is live here on Amazon (exclusive) but listed as "temporarily out of stock" at the time of writing. That is to say, it sold out quickly, but restocks are expected. Keep tabs on that link to get yours. It should retail for around $59.99.


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