'Star Wars' Fan Theory Explains Why Droids Have Emotions

The Star Wars films have certainly had quite an impact on our pop culture legacy, but one new fan theory argues that there's more to it than meets the eye.

Reddit user SnofruNeferNeb recently posited a theory, which breaks down exactly why droids in the Star Wars universe appear to have emotions. Using C-3PO, R2-D2, and Solo: A Star Wars Story's L3-37 as examples, the user suggests that there could be two different explanations for why droids are able to have feelings.

With regards to C-3PO, the theory suggests that Anakin was essentially responsible for programming emotions into the droid -- a decision that was made for multiple reasons. For one, having a protocol droid who is unbelievably aware of norms and emotions (in C-3PO's case, almost to a fault) would be an asset on Tatooine, considering how dangerous the planet's social situations often were.

The theory also suggests that C-3PO was programmed with the emotions that he has in order to essentially be Anakin's voice of reason. As they put it within the post, "it's good to have a critical voice of reason to keep you grounded and make you appreciate moments when you do extraordinary things, someone who is contradictory to inspire you to do a bit a contradiction yourself, someone who is helpless so you can be the hero. Otherwise all this heroism and bravado [feel] emptier."

The theory posits something slightly different with regards to R2-D2, arguably suggesting that the emotions he feels have some sort of tie to the Force. (A possibility that has been debated about amongst Star Wars fans for quite some time, especially with regards to "Skippy the Jedi Droid.)

"As for R2D2 having emotions. as already explained in the films, the force is about feelings." The theory explains. "The Jedi are constantly talking about how they feel, the Sith use emotion as strength. Yoda hides on Degobah because it is full of life and I guess that lets Yoda connect with the force, which is life. Droids can be berated, looked down on as unable to think or imagine and the Sith may be "more machine than man". Being a machine is considered by some as a negative or unnatural thing. But despite this droids do have emotions that organic characters ignore, and they seem to even use the force. 'In my experience, there is no such thing as luck' wiser words have never been spoken. How is it that R2D2 is constantly saving everyone's ass and is taking down multiple adversaries like a robotic Solid Snake while C3PO lives through the most terrifying experiences imaginable despite having zero martial skills? Luck? Hah!"

This argument that droids possibly have the Force takes an interesting shape when talking about L3-37, who was referred to throughout Solo as a "self-made" droid. The theory suggests a parallel between L3-37 being self-made and Anakin not really having a father, and suggests that both characters were created as a result of the Force. As they argue, L3-37's feisty personality proves that droids don't need to be programmed by a person in order to feel emotions.


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The Star Wars franchise will continue with Star Wars: Episode IX, which hits theaters this December.