Star Wars: Mark Hamill Has Perfect Reaction to Recent Paleontological Discovery

Mark Hamill is one of the Internet's greatest joys and he recently expanded his presence by [...]

Mark Hamill is one of the Internet's greatest joys and he recently expanded his presence by joining TikTok. However, joining new platforms hasn't stopped him from being active on Twitter where he often shares history about Star Wars as well as some of his other projects and appearances. Hamill often comments on news and cracks jokes, especially when something can be related to Star Wars. Recently, he shared an article about a recent paleontological discovery, and his caption was perfect.

"A group of archaeologists discovered this 3,300-year-old claw of the now-extinct bird, 'Moa', with flesh and muscles still attached to it," @ArtifactsHub tweeted. "Excuse me, but I recognize a Rancor's hand when I see one," Hamill joked. Check out the photo in the tweet below and you'll understand exactly what he means!

In case you have forgotten what a Rancor looks like, you can check out a photo from the creature below:

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

Recently, Hamill took to social media to ask fans to vote for Luke Skywalker's cameo in Star Wars: The Mandalorian for "the TV Must-See Moment" of 2020. This year, the BAFTAs are teaming up with Virgin Media for a fun fan contest that could earn one fan a big BAFTA night in.

"This is the ONLY @BAFTA category chosen by the public in the UK. It would be an honor if the fans picked Luke's surprise appearance to pick up Grogu as a Must-See. If you wish to vote go to & thanks for being the best fans in the Galaxy," Hamill tweeted.

Voting has since closed, but the results will be revealed on June 6th!

Hamill also recently revealed he is in Serbia is to film his upcoming movie The Machine, which he'll be starring in alongside comedian Bert Kreischer. The movie will be based on a real-life story Kreischer has told in his stand-up sets about getting involved with the Russian mob while studying abroad during college. The movie will follow Kreischer 20 years later as the mob connections from his past catch up with him and get him and his father (Hamill) kidnapped.

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You can currently watch Hamill battle the Rancor in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi on Disney+.