Mark Hamill Shares Facts About His Famous Appearance on The Muppet Show

The Muppet Show is now available to watch on Disney+ and there are many iconic episodes of the [...]

The Muppet Show is now available to watch on Disney+ and there are many iconic episodes of the beloved series. One of the most famous episodes aired in 1980 and featured Mark Hamill as the host, which means there was a whole of fun Star Wars content in the episode. Recently, the fan-favorite Twitter account, @HistoryMuppet, shared some fun facts about Hamill's episode. "When the Star Wars episode of The Muppet Show first aired, The Empire Strikes Back hadn't been released. This made The Muppet Show the FIRST appearance of Luke Skywalker's Bespin uniform, which is why throughout the episode Luke is asked one question," they wrote. The tweet includes a clip that features Hamill being asked, "Who's your tailor? I love that outfit." Hamill saw the tweet and had the best response!

"This Muppet Show is also the FIRST: A) time I gargled Gershwin B) time I worked with my cousin Luke Skywalker C) & last time I appeared on 'Pigs In Space' D) time I exposed my inner-geek on national television E) ALL OF THE ABOVE," Hamill wrote. You can check out the tweet below:

Recently, Hamill also took to Twitter to pay tribute to Muppet puppeteer, Richard Hunt. "We all miss Jim Henson, but my family had a special relationship with the brilliant Richard Hunt. We all loved him dearly & my kids called him Uncle Richard. We lost him at only 40, but he lives on through Scooter-Janice-Statler-Beaker-Sweetums & so many more. #GoneTooSoon," Hamill wrote with a broken heart emoji.

We're happy to see Hamill is still active on Twitter despite also being one of TikTok's newest hits. After calling out a fake TikTok account earlier this month, Hamill decided to join the social media site himself. The actor's first video was a cute little clip of him with his dog, Mable, and it earned him over 5 million views and 1.4 million followers.

In addition to joining TikTok, Hamill also recently revealed he is in Serbia is to film his upcoming movie The Machine, which he'll be starring in alongside comedian Bert Kreischer. The movie will be based on a real-life story Kreischer has told in his stand-up sets about getting involved with the Russian mob while studying abroad during college. The movie will follow Kreischer 20 years later as the mob connections from his past catch up with him and get him and his father (Hamill) kidnapped.

The Muppet Show is now streaming on Disney+.