Star Wars: Ron Howard Shares 'Solo' Post-Production Photo

After a brief hiatus following the conclusion of principal photography, director Ron Howard has [...]

After a brief hiatus following the conclusion of principal photography, director Ron Howard has taken to once again showing off behind-the-scenes glimpses of Solo: A Star Wars Story and shared the first tease of the film's post-production process.

Keeping in line with all of his previous social media teases, the photo above creates more questions than answers, as it's nearly impossible to distinguish what is on display in the photo above.

With only a month until The Last Jedi hits theaters and the recent announcement of Rian Johnson's new trilogy of Star Wars films, attention has shifted away from the Han Solo spin-off film, but fans got a few hints about the project over the weekend.

During an appearance at the Rhode Island Comic Con last weekend, Solo star Paul Bettany offered up a hint at the character he plays in the film.

"You know, obviously, I'm a very cool intergalactic gangster," the actor shared of his character, while noting how secretive the production has been.

There have been many mysteries surrounding Bettany's role, as some have theorized that he took over a role originally played by Michael K. Williams.

Howard alerted fans to the addition of Bettany on Twitter by sharing a photo of the actor in his costume, followed by another tweet in which Howard said, "It's my third opportunity to work with Paul. He's a blast & so talented."

The pair has previously worked together on A Beautiful Mind and The Da Vinci Code.

The theory that Bettany took over the role originally played by Williams comes from Williams' scheduling conflicts making it impossible for him to participate in Solo's reshoots, resulting in his performance being cut from the project completely.

Howard took over directorial duties this past summer when original directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord parted ways from Lucasfilm with only a few weeks left of filming. Rumors have cited that the reason for the departure was that Lord and Miller's improvisational filmmaking style took the film too far into a comedic realm for Lucasfilm's liking.

The three months of reshoots under Howard's leadership conflicted with Williams' commitments to other projects, causing many to believe his character would now be portrayed by Bettany to fit the tone of the film.

Solo: A Star Wars Story hits theaters on May 25, 2018.

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