New Star Wars Comic Reveals Why Rebel Alliance Abandoned Crait Base

Disney's purchase of Lucasfilm in 2012 presented the unique opportunity to ensure that all stories related to the Star Wars saga could fall into the same continuity going forward, allowing books, video games and comics to all align with the official canon of the franchise. The planet Crait plays a pivotal role in The Last Jedi, and, while many planets are shrouded in mystery in the saga, the new comic Star Wars: The Storms of Crait, explains the planet's role in the Rebellion.

***WARNING: Spoilers below for The Last Jedi and Storms of Crait***

In the film, the Resistance is being pursued by the First Order and evacuates their vessel to seek refuge on Crait, which is revealed to have previously been the location of a Rebel base. The base has clearly seen better days, with only antiquated mining vessels occupying the facility. Leia allows Poe to take a leadership role in commanding what remains of the fleet, with one scene showing a longing look out at the planet from the general, implying a familiarity.

Storm of Crait takes place shortly after the events of the original Star Wars, with Leia, Luke, Han and Wedge Antilles heading to the mining planet. This isn't a friendly visit, however, as Leia has to confront the man who leads the mining community.

In this summer's novel Leia: Princess of Alderaan, readers discovered that Crait was the location where Leia learned of her father Bail Organa's role in the Rebellion, making the base an emotionally heavy reminder of her father. Following Bail's passing, Trusk Berinato took leadership of the planet, converting it into a mining facility.

Berinato's priorities were much more questionable, as he began using resources from the facility to aid both the Empire and the Rebellion. Storms of Crait depicts Leia's attempts to sway Berinato back towards the Rebellion. This leads to a massive battle between the Rebellion and the Empire, forcing the Rebels to flee.

The timing of the comic's publishing helps flesh out the importance of Crait in the overall narrative of the saga, while not necessarily being a pertinent piece of information to comprehend what happens in The Last Jedi.


The Last Jedi is in theaters now.

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