Star Wars Director Thinks You Should Avoid New 'The Last Jedi' Trailer If You Want to Be 100% Unspoiled

Mere hours before the debut of the newest trailer for writer/director Rian Johnson's The Last Jedi, the filmmaker took to social media to say that, if you want to know as little as possible about the new film, you should avoid watching the newest trailer.

Earlier this year, Johnson encouraged fans to avoid all marketing material for the new film if they hoped to have all of its surprises delayed until seeing the complete film. A fan asked Johnson if this was true of the new trailer, a question he responded to.

The filmmaker is in a difficult position, as he is both clearly proud of his work and wants to share it with people, but also comprehends fandom enough to know the best way to enjoy the complete final product.

Following his initial post, many outlets jumped to the conclusion of claiming Johnson absolutely wants everyone to avoid watching the trailer. The director then followed up his comments to clarify he only meant you should avoid it if you want to come into the film knowing as little as possible.

Considering all the factors involved with Johnson's comments, we think it's safe to assume that the teaser that debuted earlier this year helped hint at what the film will contain while giving away almost no details about the plot.

Tonight's trailer, on the other hand, will most likely share much more information about the film's actual narrative. This isn't to say there are massive spoilers or reveals in tonight's trailer, but that if you want to remain completely in the dark about the new film's story, this trailer will be more informative than the teaser.

The Last Jedi lands in theaters December 15th.



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