The Mandalorian: Kevin Smith Reacts to Clerks Cinematographer Filming Chapter 14

The last couple of episodes of Star Wars: The Mandalorian had some deep connections to director Kevin Smith. Last week saw the live-action debut of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels' Ahsoka Tano, played by Rosario Dawson. Dawson has previously appeared in Smith's Clerks II and Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. Smith took to social media last week to celebrate Dawson playing the famous character. This week, Smith has an even more interesting connection to the latest episode. The cinematographer for "Chapter 14: The Tragedy" was David Klein who also served as the director of photography on the original Clerks. Smith once again took to Twitter to celebrate his friend's achievement.

"The same guy who shot CLERKS way back in the 90’s just shot this week’s episode of @themandalorian! Congrats to my boy @davidkleinasc! You started by lensing a flick where the characters talk about @starwars, now you actually shoot #StarWars! That’s one helluva galactic glow up," Smith wrote. You can check out the post, which includes a throwback photo of Smith and Klein, below:

Recently, Smith has been taking to Instagram to post some of his movie memories, including 'artifacts" from Clerks. The director also has plans to make a Clerks III. Smith has been very open about his ideas for Clerks III for many years now, with the project going through various forms. Now, after years of development and multiple drafts, it seems like the third film in the series will finally go in front of cameras in the near future. Smith has previously broken down the overall plot of the film, and a tweet revealed that the new movie will (unsurprisingly) take place almost entirely at Quick Stop.

As for The Mandalorian, the new episode was directed by Robert Rodriguez and left fans feeling quite emotional. The episode also featured some big character returns and featured Baby Yoda displaying an awesome power. With only two episodes left, there's a whole lot that can still happen during the show's second season.

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