After The Dead: Live Fear The Walking Dead Recap With Lorenzo James Henrie

After a couple of weeks away, 'Do Not Disturb' saw Travis and Chris return to the spotlight.Since [...]

After a couple of weeks away, 'Do Not Disturb' saw Travis and Chris return to the spotlight.

Since the father and son duo took off in the mid-season finale, they have had a tough go of it. Here to talk about their story, and more, is the actor who portrays Chris, Lorenzo James Henrie.

Lorenzo made his first appearance as Chris in the pilot episode of Fear The Walking Dead, and his character has been a major part of the story since then.

He always had a hard time respecting the authority of his father, but it got even harder for him as Travis was forced to shoot his mother after she was bitten. Since that moment, Chris has seemingly spiraled out of control and continues to be one of the more reckless characters in the series.

With Chris and Travis in danger, Brandon Davis, The Walking Dead Insider at, looks to dive a little deeper into the psyche of the complex character.

In this interview, the two discuss the current events of the series, why Chris chose to kill the man at the end of the episode, how Travis views their relationship, and what Lorenzo would do if he were Chris.

Lorenzo James Henrie has appeared in many small television and film roles, with his first recurring role coming on the CW hit series, 7th Heaven.

Since then, Henrie has starred in independent films such as Almost Kings and Riding 79. He also appeared in the 2009 blockbuster, Star Trek.

Lorenzo's resume may be short, for now, but the 23-year-old actor has continued to impress with his work on Fear The Walking Dead.