Melissa McBride's Optimistic Outlook For 'The Walking Dead' Season 8

Carol Pelettier has been on a roller coaster of emotions and choices in recent seasons of The [...]

Carol Pelettier has been on a roller coaster of emotions and choices in recent seasons of The Walking Dead but there will be one course of action for the survivor going forward.

Speaking to in an exclusive interview following Episode 8x04, Some Guy, Carol actress Melissa McBride opened up about Carol's journey in the aftermath of Shiva's death and King Ezekiel's breakdown. With her eye on the prize and eager to take down Negan, McBride promises Carol will remain "determined" rather than resorting back to her days of wishing for isolation.

"I think it's safe to say that she is still determined, that the risk of losing herself in this battle is worth it to her, to get that revenge and to get rid of this guy who is wreaking havoc and killing the people that she cared about," McBride said. "She's not going to give up the battle."

Unlike Season 7, Carol won't attempt to drive off into the sunset. McBride promises the character's eagerness to help Alexandria and right the wrongs Negan has been inflicting on the post-apocalyptic world will keep her at the forefront for fans going forward.

With the death of Shiva sending Carol's mentality back to losing her daughter Sophia in Season 2, the actress has an optimistic outlook for Carol finding love again. "That's something that I personally would hope for her," McBride said. "It would just be so sweet to me to see her just really let the guard down on her, because she has such a big, nurturing heart. Her saving grace is also her curse, and just to let the walls down and allow someone in is my hope for her, but I don't know. I don't know."

Based on McBride's definition of the relationship between Carol and Daryl, it seems unlikely the two will move forward with anything which will distinguish them as a couple. Still, Carol will continue to share her love for the survivors around her.

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