Chad Coleman Reveals What He Misses Most About The Walking Dead

It's been a particularly tough year for fans of The Walking Dead. They've said goodbye to several of their favorite characters just eight episodes into Season 7. However, with all of the recent losses, it has become easy to overlook some of the more devastating blows which came in the years prior.

For example, Tyreese's sendoff in Season 5 was one of the more heartbreaking moments The Walking Dead had to offer at the time. The character was bitten by a zombie, hallucinated several fallen characters around him, had his arm cut off, and ultimately succumbed to his injuries.

The actor behind Tyreese recently opened up about his life after the show while promoting his second season Expanse series on Syfy, revealing the things he misses most about the AMC series.

"The interaction with the cast and crew and the production team," Coleman said. "It's like being on a great basketball team where everyone's so passionate about what we do and we're all smart and funny. So whatever's going on in the real world, you have a bunch of folks that are opinionated about it with a wicked sense of humor. They're extraordinary people. Just being around them and being able to create with them, that's what I miss most."

The actor also went into detail, comparing how his time in the U.S. Army served his Tyreese role versus how it serves his performance on The Expanse.

"Not really for Walking Dead, because [Tyresse] couldn't even fire a weapon," Coleman said. "That's the beauty of Tyreese. Tyreese is like an anti-hero, an everyday man, and there's no superhero-ness to him. He's very human and that humanity sits up front so when viewers experience it, they think, "yeah, that's how I would be, I'm scared as hell, I don't care what my size is and I'm afraid and I don't want to kill people." And I think the average person would have that kind of response and then have to push through and find a way to make it happen. The military, in terms of a commander, I was around a lot of high-powered officers so that was great. I met General Wesley Clark when he was the signal corp commander and I was a video cameraman. So being in the presence of that kind of leadership, that's what Fred possesses. And my own leadership skills, even though it was a squad, I had to take care of people and could draw from that."


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