Exclusive The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 3 Clip Of Daryl And Dwight

AMC has exclusively provided ComicBook.com with a clip from this Sunday's upcoming new episode of The Walking Dead.

The clip sees Daryl and Dwight looking out from Negan's Sanctuary as other prisoners attempt to wrangle zombies as part of the home's defense. Dwight uses Daryl's crossbow to take out a walker which was attacking a prisoner, prompting him to mock Daryl by saying he is getting used to the crossbow. It is also a dig at his killing of Denise late in Season 6 which the burnt-face menace credited to not being used to the kickback of the weapon.

Noticeable in the clip is Dwight's internal struggle. While he is speaking to Daryl in a threatening tone, it appears he is somewhat speaking just to hear himself talk. The character is clearly intimidated by his leader Negan, whom he was forced to submit to.

The episode is titled The Cell and is the third of the show's seventh season. It will follow Daryl, Dwight and Negan in the aftermath of the brutal beatdown of Glenn and Abraham.

The official synopsis for The Cell reads, "A new group of survivors seem to have it all in their impressive community; however, there is a price."


Don't expect to see Rick, Maggie, Michonne or the rest of the Alexandria bunch in Sunday's new hour of the zombie drama. The Cell will focus entirely on Daryl's journey as the season continues to divide each new hour by group. Last week, viewers were taken to Ezekiel's Kingdom as Carol and Morgan made their way to the new community. The kingly leader and his tiger Shiva will also be sidelined for Sunday's new episode.

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