Seth Gilliam Teases Father Gabriel's Fate On 'The Walking Dead'

Fans are trained to expect the worst when a character is experiencing a sweat-inducing fever on [...]

Fans are trained to expect the worst when a character is experiencing a sweat-inducing fever on The Walking Dead, prompting fear for a certain Alexandrian on Sunday night.

Spoilers for The Walking Dead episode 8x05 follow!

After teaming up with Negan, even getting the villain to reveal some crucial details about his pre-apocalyptic self, Father Gabriel was seen suffering from a harsh fever. Traitor to Alexandria Eugene Porter was eager to rush him to the doctor but there might not be hope for the holy man.

Father Gabriel actor Seth Gilliam promises "we'll find out in good time" what happens to Gabriel while talking to

Earlier in the episode, Gabriel was both covered in walker guts and surrounded by an intense herd outside of the Sanctuary. The immediate thought is one of the many undead surrounding him got a bite or scratch in. Based on Negan's tease of people getting "sick" from being covered in guts, however, the show may introducing a non-fatal illness related to exposure to walker guts.

If this is the end of the line for Father Gabriel, it will be one which he can be proud of. "I think that'd be a really fruitful death if it is in fact to be the end," Gilliam said. "I think Gabriel is of the mind as one thing at a time."

As for when we will see Gabriel's story play out, Gillaim "can't really say for certain."

Still, the character might earn the aid of his new friend Negan. With the two characters having bonded, Gabriel has a brand new perspective of the villainous Savior leader. "I think by the end of the episode he comes to see that Negan does have a control over what could be seemingly a group of savages," Gillaim said. "Gabriel hasn't met the mole at this point, but it would seem like he serves more of a purpose than initially thought. But at the same time with the same token, he's still a dangerous man that beats people to death with a baseball bat."

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