‘Fear The Walking Dead’: New Characters Bring a Different Flavor and a 'Lot of Comedy'

Fear The Walking Dead will divert from its usual horror and seriousness with a lighter, funnier [...]

Fear The Walking Dead will divert from its usual horror and seriousness with a lighter, funnier Morgan-centric episode set to introduce all-new characters to the franchise.

"We're going to meet some new faces next week who are going to lend a very different flavor to the show. There's going to be a lot of comedy," co-showrunner Ian Goldberg told EW.

"Episode 410 was a very dark episode and with the episode 411, it's going to be much lighter in tone and a lot of that will come from some new cast additions that we're excited for people to check out."

As teased in the preview for 411, 'The Code,' Morgan heads east to return home to Virginia but is detoured by new acquaintances whose arrival signals trouble for Morgan. The episode could include a follow-up on the box of supplies come across by Althea (Maggie Grace) and June (Jenna Elfman) in the mid-season premiere, which might have ties to the newest soon-to-emerge human threat as played by Tonya Pinkins.

"It is safe to say that we most definitely will learn more, and we may even learn more next week," co-showrunner Andrew Chambliss teased.

Morgan will cross paths with a troublemaker played by Aaron Stanford (12 Monkeys) and a duo played by Mo Collins (Parks and Recreation) and Daryl "Chill" Mitchell (NCIS: New Orleans). That pairing looks to operate out of a well-stocked and maintained truck stop, where Mitchell's character can be seen holding a bewildered Morgan at gunpoint.

Despite the shotgun leveled at Morgan, the wheelchair-bound character has been described as "no-nonsense but hilarious," pointing to much of 411's humor arising out of Morgan's interactions with the trucking twosome.

Luciana actress Danay García previously promised breezier moments to come this season when she said both "a lot of comedy" and "a lot of drama" would roll in with the massive hurricane driving the thrust of 4B.

"The stakes are really high. I think for something to be funny it needs to be very dramatic, very hard to overcome," García said.

"We have to overcome nature, that's hard to do. We have to wait until the storm passes to keep going and funny things happen. Characters will come up and they bring so much to the show and a different perspective of how to survive, and that really adds to this second half. It just fills the second half with so much life, because we lost so much."

You can get a taste of the new characters in the Season Four San Diego Comic-Con trailer, above.

Fear The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9/8c on AMC.