Fear the Walking Dead: Trailer for Penultimate Episode of Season 5 Released

AMC has published the preview for Fear the Walking Dead 515, “Channel 5.” Per its official [...]

AMC has published the preview for Fear the Walking Dead 515, "Channel 5." Per its official synopsis:

When Virginia makes a statement, Al responds in kind; facing dire circumstances, June leads the search for a new place to call home; with Grace's condition worsening, Morgan makes a tough call.

Sunday's Fear ended with a collapsed Grace (Karen David), suffering the worsening effects of frequent exposure to radiation, in the care of Daniel (Rubén Blades). A weakened Grace made contact with Morgan (Lennie James) and Althea (Maggie Grace) after their first encounter with Virginia (Colby Minifie) and the Pioneers, who tried and failed to forge a partnership with Morgan's convoy of survivors now in dire straits.

As Strand (Colman Domingo) points out, their group of almost 40 survivors have exhausted their supply of food and water — making them ripe for the picking.

"Virginia is just trying to help as many people as she possibly can. She wants to rebuild a sense of community, structure and cooperation in a world imploded by chaos," Minifie told AMC. "She has an incredible imagination to be able to pull off what she has accomplished when we meet her in Episode 513… she has a large number of people who support her… She believes they need a leader that everyone can rally around to keep the community from crumbling. And she is damn good at what she does. Yeah, she loves it up there at the top of the pecking order."

Ultimately, Minifie says, the mostly easygoing Virginia is a "utilitarian." It's that attitude that led her to order the death of Logan (Matt Frewer) before striking a deal with Luciana (Danay García), who elected to stay behind at the oil fields to make gas needed by the Pioneers to realize their grand vision for the future.

"She only cares that the most number of people survive and thrive under her leadership. Before the apocalypse, she was an efficiency expert," Minifie said. "She was hired to assess what was redundant in a company and eliminate jobs that weren't necessary. She does the same thing post-apocalypse, but 'elimination' means something a little different… She is really good at finding what someone has to offer to benefit the whole community… She comes from a corporate climate where there is a clear chain of command — and in this world, she is the CEO."

The penultimate episode of Fear the Walking Dead Season 5 premieres Sunday, Sep. 22 at 9/8c on AMC.