Fear the Walking Dead May Have Revealed Abraham Ford Connection

Sunday’s Fear the Walking Dead 504, “Skidmark,” seemingly hinted at a connection between [...]

Sunday's Fear the Walking Dead 504, "Skidmark," seemingly hinted at a connection between Daniel Salazar (Rubén Blades) and The Walking Dead's Abraham Ford (Michael Cudlitz).

Daniel reveals to Charlie (Alexa Nisenson) he's not responsible for setting deadly traps in the area that led to his inheriting a well-stocked warehouse filled with goods, which Daniel entrusts to Strand (Colman Domingo), Wendell (Daryl Mitchell) and Sarah (Mo Collins) as reward for rescuing him from a herd of walkers.

The warehouse's contents are now theirs, Daniel says, except for a single cigar. Daniel promised an unnamed friend he would only smoke the cigar when "things get better."

Because Abraham was seen enjoying cigars more than once on TWD and originally hails from Texas, where Fear is now set, Daniel and Abraham may have crossed paths sometime before Abe and companions Rosita (Christian Serratos) and Eugene (Josh McDermitt) journeyed to Georgia, and then later Virginia, in TWD.

Fear already referenced Abe and Eugene in its Season 4 mid-season finale: video documentarian Althea (Maggie Grace) was shown in possession of a tape marked "Abe/Doctor," and Al was later revealed to have met Daniel when Strand discovered his video interview among Al's tapes.

Cudlitz, who returned to TWD as director after Abe was murdered by Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) in the flagship series' Season 7 opener, recently hinted he could reprise his role during a January convention appearance:

"Who knows, maybe there'll be flashbacks?" Cudlitz said when appearing alongside Fear stars Collins, Jenna Elfman and Austin Amelio.

"I guess on your guys' show, there were some tapes that were shown and one of the tapes said 'Abe-slash-Doctor,' which would be Abraham Ford and Doctor Eugene Porter according to [creator] Robert Kirkman, so they could certainly go down that road. Not saying they said anything about it or not, but probably not, so I think we'll stop talking about that. Never mind."

During a March appearance on Strahan and Sara, Cudlitz gave an even bigger hint Abe could return via flashback, calling such a revival "very, very possible."

"They're also doing other movies that are gonna move in time, go back in time, go forward in time, and I believe pair up characters that weren't necessarily paired up in the graphic novels," Cudlitz said, adding a "strong, subtle yes."

ComicBook.com previously reported a movie project centered around Cudlitz's Abraham and Blades' Daniel is planned as one of the many projects coming out of the quickly expanding Walking Dead Universe.

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