'Fear The Walking Dead': "You Have No Idea" How Bad-Ass Alicia Is

A couple of years in the apocalypse will be enough to transform Alicia Clark into a bad-ass like [...]


A couple of years in the apocalypse will be enough to transform Alicia Clark into a bad-ass like no other when Fear the Walking Dead's fourth season rolls around.

Despite much of Fear the Walking Dead's marketing campaign being centered around new cast members and a crossover with The Walking Dead, Alycia Debnam-Carey was enthusiastic when she ensured ComicBook.com her character is evolving. It doesn't stop there, though. Alicia Clark will have an even more prominent role than in previous seasons, if Debnam-Carey's workload is any indication.

"You have no idea," how bad-ass Alicia Clark will be, Debnam-Carey said.

"Alicia's journey this season is rough, man," Madison Clark actress Kim Dickens added, sitting beside the actress who plays her character's daughter.

"Let's just say she's exhausted and a little bruised," Victor Strand actor Colman Domingo added.

"The bruises that I've had from the past two months, I'm just bathing in Arnicare gel everyday," Debnam-Carey said, with a laugh. "It's definitely been bit more of a brute shot for me this season but also, I'm working a lot more, and there's a lot more action sequences, too, we've been filming. A lot of drama! It's good. An element of it has been raised. We now have so much more experience, even with the weaponry we're carrying."

Domingo promises there will be a "time jump" heading into Season Four, meaning these characters are significantly deeper into their apocalyptic journey by the next time audiences see them.

"Even the first week when we were on set, we had to go talk to our new prop master Colin [Thurston] but also our new armorer and the way he was showing us what weapons we had, what they were. That was confronting in its own way because we hadn't really had much of that to deal with. We had but it wasn't to the same extent as the other show has that. Suddenly, we were very much a part of that world."

They are all much more prepared for threats now, than ever before. "It was scrappier before," Domingo said. "A bit more trained."

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 pm ET on AMC. Fear the Walking Dead will debut its fourth season after The Walking Dead concludes its eighth, at 10 pm ET on April 15. For complete coverage and insider info all year long, follow @BrandonDavisBD on Twitter.