Fear The Walking Dead Might've Revealed Whisperer Beta's Origin

Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead have been more connected than ever before in recent [...]

Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead have been more connected than ever before in recent seasons. In fact, they might even be a little too connected for Fear's own good. But that isn't stopping the showrunners and powers that be from injecting the series with storylines which fuel those developing on the original series. That in mind, fans think they may have spotted another major connection to The Walking Dead in the most recent episode of Fear the Walking Dead. This time, it seems possible that the spinoff series has revealed the origin of the recently introduced villain Beta, portrayed by Ryan Hurst.

In Fear the Walking Dead Episode 5x14, Daniel and Grace were traveling with a batch of vinyl records when their car broke down. Daniel ended up dropping them and being forced to leave them behind when a herd of walkers emerged and posed a sudden threat. However, one shot of the covers for those vinyl records has fans thinking that Beta's identity might have actually been revealed. It seems Beta might have been a musician!

Check out the photo below. The image on the cover of the left-most record might just be the face of Beta actor Ryan Hurst with a cowboy hat on to preserve some of the mystery.

(Photo: AMC / Fear the Walking Dead)

The Walking Dead promises to explore the backstory of Beta and other Whisperers in the upcoming season but it looks like fans might have got their first look into his past in the moment seen above.

As far as Beta's story in The Walking Dead comics, he was famous -- but not for being a musician. Beta was a professional basketball player and actor prior to the apocalypse. The AMC series has been known to change things up a bit from Robert Kirkman's source material so it's entirely possible that Beta will have been a musician in the world of the TV series.

Furthermore, photos of Beta unmasked (photos of actor Ryan Hurst) demonstrate just how much the image above resembles what the character will look like when he is inevitably unmasked.

(Photo: Bates Motel / AMC via Pinterest)

While the possibility of the musician on that record's cover bearing a resemblance to Hurst being a coincidence but there wouldn't be much fun in that! In the world of shared universes and Easter eggs, it would be fun to see Hurst's character having being teased as a musician on Fear the Walking Dead ahead of the actual reveal coming on The Walking Dead. Of course, shortly after Beta's past is revealed in the books, he is killed off. Classic.

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Fear the Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9pm ET on AMC. The Walking Dead returns for its tenth season on October 4.