Fear the Walking Dead Will Answer What Happened to Dwight’s Wife Sherry

Dwight’s (Austin Amelio) search for missing wife Sherry (Christine Evangelista) will continue [...]

Dwight's (Austin Amelio) search for missing wife Sherry (Christine Evangelista) will continue despite the detour he finds himself on following a run-in with a familiar face.

"If this episode shows us anything, it's that he's definitely not giving up on his search for Sherry," Fear the Walking Dead co-showrunner Ian Goldberg told EW of "Humbug's Gulch," which reintroduced Dwight one year after Daryl (Norman Reedus) ordered his exile from Virginia.

"Dorie and June give him a kind of renewed energy and hope that she could still be out there. And so he's going to continue to search. But along with that, he's going to do the other thing that Daryl told him to do, which is make it right. And that can take a lot of different forms that don't necessarily relate directly to Sherry."

Intertwined with Dwight's desperate mission to track down his wife is the ex-Savior's search for redemption, a path he now shares with the similarly-minded Morgan (Lennie James) and his traveling band of altruistic crusaders.

"Dwight's got a lot of bad things he did to make up for," Goldberg said. "In addition to looking for Sherry, he's going to be looking for ways to redeem himself, and it will be with this new group of people finding how he does that and how he fits in with the greater family."

Sherry was last seen in The Walking Dead 707, "Sing Me a Song," where the couple's servitude of Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) reached a breaking point.

"If you're still standing, it's always on somebody else's back," Dwight said during a covert stairwell meeting, pointing to his place as one of Negan's faithful lieutenants and Sherry as one of Negan's coerced wives.

By 711, "Hostiles and Calamities," an unseen Sherry freed a captured Daryl from Negan's Sanctuary before fleeing to parts unknown, leaving Dwight a trail that has since led him to Texas before going cold.

Whatever answers may come about Sherry's whereabouts, Amelio has promised a dark, tough road ahead for Dwight.

"I can say it definitely doesn't get any easier for him. He's probably in the darkest spot he's ever been in ... it is heavy," Amelio said in April.

"Dwight has definitely been in tough spots on The Walking Dead, it just, it gets tougher for him. That's all I can say now. It just gets drawn out, the darkness is just drawn out. But I'm excited to show where he is. It's fun to play that, and he has such a strong purpose, that it does make sense to have him be in this sort of spot."

New episodes of Fear the Walking Dead Season 5 premiere Sundays at 9/8c on AMC.