Fear The Walking Dead EP Promises "Bad Ass" Cliff Curtis In Season 3

Fear the Walking Dead's Season 2 finale was one of the most brutal, intense, and well-paced [...]

Fear the Walking Dead's Season 2 finale was one of the most brutal, intense, and well-paced episodes of the entire series - making it also the most widely beloved by fans.

Part of what made the episode so great was the complete and instant transformation of Cliff Curtis' Travis character following the loss of his son. Upon learning of his son's death, Travis snapped on the two young boys responsible and literally beat them to death in the most compelling moments Fear has offered to date. Not only that, but Travis also slammed a door on a friend's head and consequently killed him without meaning to.

Heading into Season 3, we will see more of the man who has nothing to lose, willing to do whatever it takes to survive.

FTWD Travis 215
(Photo: Richard Foreman Jr/AMC)

"We're going to see a bad ass version of Curtis in Season Three, yes," Fear executive producer Dave Erickson tells ComicBook.com. "I think that you can't cross that line and then go back. That's not to say he's not going to protect Madison or be protective of her and Alicia, but he's going to go about that in a much, much different way. He's going to be somebody much quicker to pull the trigger. He's going to be somebody who is far more aggressive."

The development of Travis has been a common complaint amongst viewers who have stuck with Fear the Walking Dead through its 21 episodes. Characters who hold on to their moral compass in a world where typical rules don't apply to survival often do not sit well with bloodthirsty audiences. Erickson, aware of the slow development of Travis, is eager to unleash Curtis on the audience.

"It's interesting because when we were casting Travis, I was trying to think of actors I'd seen in the past few years that I really responded to who I hadn't seen a ton of on television," Erickson explains. "He did Gang Related, he did I think one other show prior to that. I had just rewatched Training Day and he has one sequence, one scene with Ethan Hawke where he's horrifying. He's just really cold and really bad ass. The thing about Cliff, he's such a good actor that he can really run the spectrum, so he can be the kind English teacher who wants to save everybody, but he can also be a killer. I think that's the Travis we're heading toward now."

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