Fear the Walking Dead Star Lennie James Comments on Season 6

Fear the Walking Dead star Lennie James can’t yet say if Morgan will survive into Season 6 after [...]

Fear the Walking Dead star Lennie James can't yet say if Morgan will survive into Season 6 after being shot and left for dead by Virginia (Colby Minifie) in Sunday's Season 5 finale.

"In Season 6 I don't know if my character will make it through," James said on Talking Dead in his first comments since Morgan's apparent death. "When he first arrived in Texas, it was a man who wanted to get away from people. And now it's a man who feels real love, responsibility and pride in a group of people that he wants to be around and he wants to call them his own. My hope for six is that they find a way of being back together."

In plans previewed by returning showrunners Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg, Season 6 will follow newly separated survivors Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey), Dwight (Austin Amelio), and newlyweds John (Garret Dillahunt) and June (Jenna Elfman) as they adapt to life among Virginia's colonies.

It remains to be seen if Morgan, who appeared to die before the finale cut to black, will survive his ordeal. When asked about Morgan's fate on Talking Dead — which did not include Morgan in its traditional memorial segment, hinting he may still be alive — Goldberg showed a hint of hesitation.

"Well, I think it's what Morgan says in his final message to the group, that speech that he gives where he tells them all to live. That's what the whole season's been about, is finding ways to live beyond just survival," Goldberg said. "And that's what this group did all the way up to the very end, with them having Dorie and June's wedding in the face of being split up by Virginia. And it's gonna be a real challenge for the group to continue to do that. As they split up, there's a question of, did they even receive Morgan's message? How will they enact it? And as far as Morgan goes... we'll have to see if he can follow his own advice or not next season."

James could return in Fear Season 6 or, potentially, resurface alongside former The Walking Dead co-star Andrew Lincoln in the Rick Grimes movies now planned for theatrical release from AMC and Universal Pictures. With or without Morgan Jones, the sixth season of Fear promises to be very different.

"We're always looking for ways from season to season or every half season to change up the narrative," showrunner Andrew Chambliss told EW. "And what we're doing here is really trying to fundamentally change these characters and allow us to explore new sides of them we haven't seen before. There is a big change coming."

The Walking Dead Season 10 premieres Sunday, Oct. 6 at 9/8c on AMC. For more TWD intel, follow the author @CameronBonomolo on Twitter.