Meet Fear the Walking Dead's New Character, Wes

Fear the Walking Dead introduced a fresh face on Sunday night. To conclude its mid-season five [...]

Fear the Walking Dead introduced a fresh face on Sunday night. To conclude its mid-season five finale, the tape being used as a recruitment tool was revealed to have been watched in its entirety by a friendly looking face. That face belonged to Wes, portrayed by Colby Hollman.

Few details regarding the character have been revealed but he seems to be familiar with both the main group of survivors and their adversary in the new villain of Logan. Logan first appeared much earlier in Season Five but made sure to give Wes a hard time at the end of Episode 5x09 as he hunts for oil fields and the group of survivors. Wes will likely meet up with the group, as the radio he found with their tape was labeled with a note for Channel #4. This is how the character will be able to reach them.

Check out a photo of Wes from Fear the Walking Dead below!

(Photo: Van Redin/AMC)

"It's very much setting up this question of how they're going to live, and we kind of see that in many different ways through different characters," Fear the Walking Dead co-showrunner Andrew Chambliss told Undead Walking of the mid-season premiere. "Some of them are thinking about it on a practical level, obviously June is one that directly addressed that in terms of having 30-40 people living in a convoy that's always on the move. But then there are other characters who are looking at it on a more emotional level. Looking at Alicia, she's definitely looking for a new way to live and a new way of looking at the world that is divorced from the violence she found herself embroiled in during the first half."

Whether or not Wes will end up being a welcome addition to the group which sat down for a little Thanksgiving-like dinner to end the mid-season finale remains to be seen.

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