Fear The Walking Dead Recap With Spoilers: Do Not Disturb

Pre-apocalypse, a family celebrates at a wedding reception. One man calls his brother Oscar and [...]

Pre-apocalypse, a family celebrates at a wedding reception. One man calls his brother Oscar and his bride to the stage. They have their first dance. He jokes about the dance being embarrassing. The family watches as he dips her down before the father of the bride joins her. It seems there is something wrong with the parents. A hotel employee asks if everything is okay and the woman tells her that the virus is spreading and she wants her family north of the border before it spreads. The hotel employee instructs the employee to go get the cars. The father collapses on the dance floor, having a heart attack. His daughter and her husband perform CPR. The hotel employees try to call for help but the is no service. The father reanimates and bites his daughter's face. The hotel employee flees and locks the door behind her.

Now, Travis limps down a path with Chris. Two find a car and search it for supplies. Chris wants to venture out on his own but Travis insists they stay together. Chris insists he can protect himself. Travis allows him to head off by himself and tosses him a tool to defend himself.

Chris finds some water and canned food in a store nearby but also hears voices in the back. He steals their supplies before some zombies walk in. One man emerges and Chris saves him. Other men come out from the back, this time with guns. Chris runs back to the car, quickly fleeing the area with Travis. An armed stranger watches them off.

Later, in the night, Travis and Chris drive through Mexico. They search the car for supplies and a radio signal. All they find is a bracelet. Travis says they're just going to drive away from what's behind them for as long as they can. Travis stops the car and tells Chris it's his turn to drive. Chris is excited, quickly hopping in the driver's seat. Travis teaches him how to do it and Chris jerks the car around with inconsistent stomps on the pedal. He gets the hang of it and Travis is happy to see it.

At the hotel, Alicia uses a knife to mark a door as walkers stumble by in the hallway. She looks through the peephole once again, ready to go out and fight, and sees a walker staring back at her banging on the door.

As Chris drives, Travis tends to his injured foot. A walker appears in front of them and Chris drives around it. He tells Travis that driving is easy. The conversation turns to Travis' belief that the world will come back around to the way it was. He has faith that "they" are working on it and they can get back what they lost. Chris reminds him, "not everything." The car runs out of gas so they set up camp on the side of the road.

Travis lights a fire and shares some a can of frijoles with Chris. They reminisce on camping at Big Bear. His mom wasn't a fan because she was a city girl. They start to debate the best place to go. A truck with lights on top of it pulls up. Chris quickly kills the fire and hides with Travis. They approach with flashlights. Chris reveals to Travis that they're not there to hurt them. Chris wants to attack but Travis stands and tries to be diplomatic. The man questions what supplies Travis and Chris have. Chris claims to have saved the young man's life but the man, Brandon, claims that Chris stole his stuff.

At the hotel, Alicia sneaks into the hallway and searches for Ofelia. Zombies corner her to an elevator shaft so she pries it open and grabs on to the cables. The zombies try to grab her but fall down to the bottom. Alicia pulls herself up the shaft. A flashlight shines at her and a new face grabs Alicia's hand and pulls her to safety. The woman pushes Alicia against a wall with an axe, asking, "Where is he?"

Chris and Travis camp with their new acquaintances. It's friendly. They eat and get to know each other. The guys are from San Diego. Travis fills them in on what they saw in San Diego. Brandon insists humans will come back, saying, "We always do." He turns the conversation to how impressed he was by Chris' ability to take out the undead and calls them "the wasted." They ask how many they've killed and Travis says he doesn't count. Brandon asks "Killer Chris" how many he's killed and he says 17. They offer the pair a ride to San Diego. Travis turns it down but is also offered a ride to the next town.

Alicia talks to the woman who found her, who was seen in the wedding to start the episode. She questions Alicia about where Hector is but Alicia has no idea what she is talking about. Alicia wants to get downstairs but the woman won't let her leave. The woman reveals that Hector is her nephew. He went to get food and never came back. She says the guests took him to draw her out. She says she is in control of the hotel because she has the keys. Alicia offers to help if the woman helps her find her family.

Travis and Chris discuss riding with their new pals. Travis wants to stay put in the wide open space safely and Chris wants to go with them for their supplies. Travis asks how that happened and refuses to put himself in their debt. Chris comes to the conclusion that Travis doesn't want to stray to far from Madison. Travis rules that the guys are dangerous.

The next day, Alicia and the woman open the stairwell doors and lead the walkers down the hallway. Alicia tells her to run. She leads them into a hotel room by making them follow some noise. She kills one woman, a maid, and then locks herself on the balcony as Elaina closes the door. As the glass starts to crack, Elaina throws Alicia a string of towels and helps her to the other balcony. Alicia asks what took her so long before telling her that she has to come downstairs with her.

Downstairs, Elaina and Alicia find the room where the wedding reception was held. Elaina talks about the father of the bride having a heart attack and attacking his own daughter in front of her mother. She reveals that she contained the situation by locking them inside. She ran with Hector. They waited for help but no one came. Alicia promises to protect her.

Chris rides in the front of the pickup truck and the boys joke about girls. In the bed, Travis and Brandon talk. Brandon claims this is living and the end times have made him and his friends gods despite being nobody before the world fell apart. Chris spots a farm and the group searches it. As the guys walk away, Travis tells Chris he wants to stay on the farm. Chris tells Travis they need people and he doesn't want to stay here and catches up to the guys.

The guys find a barn full of chickens and run around trying to catch them. Travis discovers graves marked 2010 and suspects there may be people around.

Alicia and Elaina cautiously maneuver the hotel lobby. They come to bar and Alicia starts to try and open the door. A group comes up behind them with Hector as a hostage. Alicia insists that they hand over the keys. The man demands them. It's the wedding party - the groom, the bride's mother. Alicia insists that Elaina hand over the keys. As she does, Alicia opens the door and the infected start towards their enemies.

Travis urges Chris to leave just as a man bursts in with a shotgun.

Alicia finds a woman who looks like her mother that's a zombie. It's not her. Alicia puts her down.

Travis reasons with the man and tries to get his group to leave.

Alicia and Elaina make an escape from the hotel with zombies following them down hallways.

One of Brandon's pals kills a chicken and the land owner shoots him in the leg.

Alicia and Elaina are trapped at a locked door.

Chris shoots the man.

Alicia tries to get out and Madison pulls it open. Inside, Strand blocks the door.

Travis watches the homeowner die and looks at his son with disappointment. Chris offers his hand to Travis who doesn't accept it.