Fear The Walking Dead Season 5 Will Take a Short Break

Fear the Walking Dead will take a mid-season hiatus eight episodes into its fifth season. However, [...]

Fear the Walking Dead will take a mid-season hiatus eight episodes into its fifth season. However, this hiatus will be shorter than any of the other breaks typically taken by the Dead universe's shows. Rather than taking a few months off to build anticipation ahead of its back half's eight episode run, Fear the Walking Dead will only break for a bit longer than a month.

The Mid-Season 5 finale of Fear the Walking Dead will air on Sunday, July 21. This means Fear the Walking Dead will air an episode the same week as San Diego Comic Con. Then, after only a three week break, the second half of Season 5 will debut on August 11. This news was first reported by INSIDER's Kirsten Acuna, who confirmed the news with AMC. If AMC plans to air Fear the Walking Dead on a weekly basis without interuption, the Season 5 finale will air on September 29, opening up Sunday nights for Season 10 of The Walking Dead starting on October 6. The Walking Dead's Season 10 premiere date has not yet been confirmed. Season 9 of The Walking Dead debuted on October 7.

This marks the shortest break for Fear the Walking Dead. Season 4 of Fear the Walking Dead's hiatus spanned from June 10 through August 12. Season 3 took a break from July 9 through September 10. More news regarding Fear the Walking Dead, The Walking Dead, and the upcoming films set in the Dead universe is expected to drop at San Diego Comic Con.

As the story goes, all of the expansions to the Dead universe so far have become quite connected to one another. Not only have Morgan and Dwight jumped from The Walking Dead into Fear the Walking Dead but the group responsible for the disappearance of Rick Grimes continues to unveil mysterious details on the spinoff show. "Keep your eyes peeled," Colman Domingo told ComicBook.com ahead of Fear's Episode 5x03. "There'll be more, but I think there's a lot of, I don't know, communities crossing each other and starting to cross. As we keep expanding in our universe, I think we're coming in contact with more people who are linked to others. It's just like living in L.A. and New York. You have a friend of a friend who knows a friend, and you're like, 'Oh wow, I can't believe you know John from Long Island.' You're like, 'Yeah, that's my cousin.' It's like that."

Fear the Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9pm ET on AMC.